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Centers and Institutes

The academic centers at Bridgewater State University enhance research and scholarship, foster community outreach and expand opportunities to obtain external funding. By supporting the scholarly and service interests of BSU’s faculty, librarians, staff and students, 这些中心为我们的地方和地区社区以及整个国家做出了重大贡献.

Our centers represent a sweeping range of interests, scholarship and expertise.

Martin Richards sculpture on campus
马丁·理查德社会正义研究所的成立是为了建立有关社会正义的知识, to develop skills for advancing social justice through individual and collective action, and to serve as a catalyst for actualizing the university’s commitment to social justice.
Cape Verdean Institute panel discussion with President Clark

Through rigorous academic pursuits, community engagement and global partnerships, the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies shares and celebrates the culture, language and history of Cape Verde, as one of the world's earliest Creole societies.

Minnock Institute hosts Mongolian delegation
米诺克学院致力于创造和培养一个学习环境,让来自其他国家的学生和教师与桥水大学的学生和教师互动,帮助大学成为一个全球性的校园. 学院提供学术丰富、旅游、研究和社区服务的机会.
Organized and led by faculty, librarians and staff, the mission of CARS is to foster the development of research, scholarship, and creative endeavors for faculty and librarians. CARS promotes individual, collaborative and interdisciplinary scholarship activities, 并为创造反映和支持机构战略目标的知识提供资源, when appropriate.  

The mission of CASE 是促进和提高pre -12学生对科学和数学的兴趣和素养, pre-service and in-service teachers, and members of the university and regional communities. CASE aims to instill positive attitudes toward STEM disciplines in students of all ages, especially groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM careers; serve as a leader in exploring STEM education-related topics and the most effective pedagogy for their incorporation into the preK-12 classroom; and promote preK-12 STEM workforce development by recruiting, nurturing and training pre-service teachers to enter STEM careers.

CASE offers hands-on laboratory experiences for students, professional development and lending labs for in-service teachers, 为中学生提供暑期STEM项目,并可以进入ladbrokes立博中文版的天文台 Project EarthView's twenty-foot inflatable globe. In 2013, approximately 8,650 preK-12 students participated in CASE programs. These students came from 69 schools and 19 community organizations. Additionally, 196 undergraduate students, 520 teachers and more than 900 members of the community participated in CASE outreach programs, bringing the total number of participants to over 10,000. CASE programs also partnered with other University initiatives, including the Bridge and Footbridge Programs. For more information, please visit the CASE website.

BSU faculty, staff and students lead the following CASE programs.

CityLab 是否有一个旨在通过真实的实验室体验来提高教师和学生的科学知识和热情的生物技术推广计划. Jenna Mendell, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, and Kim McCoy, Program Coordinator, run the CityLab program.

EarthView's 20英尺的手绘地球仪作为便携式教室,为整个地区的地理课程注入活力. 地理学教授詹姆斯·海耶斯-博哈南和弗农·多明戈负责EarthView项目.

GreenLab 旨在教育BSU和区域社区关于绿色化学和化学品对人类和环境健康的影响. Ed Brush, Professor of Chemical Sciences, oversees GreenLab.

The BSU Observatory hosts public and private viewing events, runs K-12 workshops, and provides resources for student research, astronomy courses, and service-learning. 天文台经理杰米·科恩(Jamie Kern)和物理学教授玛蒂娜·阿恩特(Martina Arndt)监督天文台.

Watershed Access Lab 提供科学教育推广项目和学前至12年级教师专业发展,重点是土地利用和水质评估. Kevin Curry, Professor of Biology, and Kim McCoy, Program Coordinator, lead watershed programs.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business (CESB) 为波士顿州立大学和马萨诸塞州东南部地区的企业家和小企业主提供资源. It helps students, 来自大学各个领域的教职员工以及周围社区的人们将他们的商业理念发展成成功的小企业,并发展现有的小企业. CESB与校内和外部组织合作,建立一个成功的企业家和小企业主的蓬勃发展的网络,他们可以互为顾问和导师,也可以为崭露头角的企业家和小企业主提供指导. In serving in these roles, 经社局通过经济和社区发展促进可持续的经济和社会公平.

Established in 1997, the Democratic Governance and Leadership Program is housed in the Department of Political Science. It operates within the context of a dynamic educational environment that encourages research, teaching and community service.

The Democratic Governance and Leadership Program has three primary goals: to advance leading-edge research on the study of democratic governance and leadership in established and emerging democracies; to integrate research, teaching and policy application; and to engage and advance the economic, cultural, civic and political life of Southeastern Massachusetts, other domestic communities, and our global community.

该项目获得了美国州立学院和大学协会的国家认可, 它被选为公立四年制学院和大学100个有效项目之一.

Iraqi Ambassador H.E. Lukman Faily  the guest speaker sponsored by The Center for Middle East Studies.
Iraqi Ambassador H.E. 卢克曼·菲利在由中东和北非研究项目赞助的校园活动上发表了讲话.

The mission of the Middle East and North Africa Studies Program (MENA)旨在介绍和提高中东地区及其不同民族的教育和文化意识, history and cultures. 中东和北非促进了专业知识和公众对世界这一重要地区的了解, which includes the Arab states, Turkey, Iran and Israel. 

MENA strives to reach the broadest possible constituency, working with a variety of academic departments, 教育和文化组织和专家探索学术推广和合作的新途径. MENA旨在加强与中东地区其他机构的联系,为教师和学生提供学习和更多了解中东的学术机会. 

MENA坚持ladbrokes立博中文版的战略愿景,最大限度地提高强度, diversity and richness of teaching and learning relationships forged between faculty, students and members of the broader community the Middle East and the world.

The mission of the Sustainability Program 倡导将可持续性原则融入桥水州立大学的核心教育使命:教与学, research, campus operations and regional outreach.

For more than 45 years, Bridgewater State University has sponsored Children's Physical Developmental Clinic (CPDC), a nationally recognized academic program that fosters professional development, service learning, and leadership development.

CPDC为所有专业的学生提供了一个具有挑战性的机会,作为临床医生志愿者,与残疾儿童和青少年一起工作, ages 18 months to 18 years. 诊所项目的目的是通过增强重要的身体素质来改善残疾儿童的“全面发展”, motor, and aquatic skills and patterns. In addition, 该计划强调通过成功地参与游戏,加强儿童个性的情感和社会方面,从而提高儿童的自尊, recreation, and sport activities.

More than a hundred students serve as clinicians and group leaders each semester, making the CPDC one of the largest student organizations on campus.

MARC’s goals are to conduct research, attend and host conferences and workshops, and bring anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying programs, training and curricula to K-12 faculty, staff, administration, students, parents and communities.

Dr. Elizabeth Englander, professor of psychology at Bridgewater State University, is the director of MARC, which is staffed by faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. MARC的所有项目每年都进行评估,并以研究成果为基础,其课程以证据为基础. Outcomes reports are available.

For more information, call 508.531.1784.